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2022 Audi Q5 Owner’s Manual

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2022 Q5

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  • Manufacturer: Audi
  • Model: Q5

For 2022 Audi is adjusting the trims slightly for the Q5 line.

They are making more of the upgradable features standard and even adding a new trim to the roster.

This Q5 is a compact luxury crossover SUV and is currently in its second generation of design.

The second generation came into production in 2017 and saw the car move onto a more specialized platform called the MLB Evo.

That MLB Evo platform is found on many other crossover SUV models such as the larger Q7 and the much larger Q8.

For 2022 a new Black Optics appearance package is being added to the Q5 and sees much of the exterior blacked-out and a unique set of 20-inch alloy wheels added to the car.

The interior design that was only included with the S trim in 2021 is now included across all levels of the car as standard.

For the Premium Plus mid-range trim you now get a power-adjustable steering wheel as standard, instead of just a purchasable option.

All of the trims for the 2022 Q5 are covered in the official owner's manual, a copy of which is kept on this website.

You can look through the manual totally free of charge and download it as a PDF, a format that is universally readable on any device.