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Alfa Romeo is a heritage Italian automaker that is known for its sporty models across a range of segments of the market. They have entry-level small cars all the way through to sporty SUVs – all of which you can find the owner’s manuals for on this site.

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The 147 was the company's replacement for the 145 and the 146, consolidating two lines into one during the year 2000. It acted as Alfa Romeo's new small family car and was built on the same platform as the original Lancia Delta


The 156 was the replacement for the boxy but very popular 155 during the mid-1990s. It was incredibly popular and was offered win various performance trims including the GTA and the Q4. It was replaced by the 159 in 2011


The 159 replaced the 156 as the Italian automaker's new compact executive car in 2004. It was built on an abandoned Saab platform that the Swedish company never ended up using. It was replaced by the Giulia in 2016


Alfa Romeo has once again strengthened their sports car appeal by releasing this mid-engined sports car - the 4C. It boasts an ultra-low weight chassis with a pokey 237bhp 1.7-liter turbocharged engine taking the car to 60mph in 4.5 seconds


The Guila is a compact luxury executive car that was first put into production in 2015. It shares its platform with the Stelvio crossover SUV and offers its passengers a comfy, luxurious experience


The MiTo was a little supermini put out by the premium Italian automaker previously known for sporty models. It lacked the luxury feel of the rest of the Alfa Romeo range but helped the company survive during the tough credit crunch of 2008


Alfa Romeo has entered into the SUV world by launching the Stelvio, a compact luxury crossover SUV that shares its platform with the Giulia. It offers a premium and luxurious experience in a small and sporty SUV


On the Alfa Romeo Tonale owner's manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.

About Alfa Romeo

Its history began way back in the early 1900s (much like many other automakers) at the dawn of the automobile market. They set out and bought a local factory previously owned by a failed French automobile manufacturer in 1910 and began creating their first model. This initial model was called the Alfa 24HP, before the “Romeo” part of the name was added to the company.

In 1914 Nicola Romeo (a well-known entrepreneur) took over as leader of the company and added his surname to the business, creating Alfa Romeo as we know it today. He steered the company towards making high-powered racing-capable cars that achieved fame and gained free publicity in the motorsport world.

Alfa Romeo kept a presence in many motorsport disciplines to help retain its sports car image – even to this day.

During the second world war, the company worked closely with Fiat to create a range of light-duty commercial vehicles to help with the war effort. This tradition of creating commercial vehicles ended in the 1960s as the company focused on sports cars once again.

In more recent years the Alfa Romeo company has moved into creating SUVs to profit from the huge demand. Over the last few decades, the company has also kept a strong arsenal of family cars to keep a strong revenue stream from that large market of car buyers.

Nowadays the company is part of the Stellantis group with Jeep, Chrysler, Vauxhall and many other similar brands, sharing much of the technology and components among the brand ranges.

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