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2022 Renault Clio Owner’s Manual

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2022 Clio

Renault Clio Photo

For 2022 the new Renault Clio will feature a wide range of cutting-edge technology.

Competition is heating up from many of the automakers who have managed to get a lot of new technologies into their models very fast in recent years.

It is the first year to offer a plug-in hybrid version of the supermini called the E-Tech that can achieve over 64mpg according to Renault.

Splashed across the dashboard is a touchscreen infotainment system taking much of the traditional controls and making them digital.

Built into these 2022 Clios are some of the new autonomous technologies that the French automaker is debuting.

Now the driver will be assisted when approaching a potential collision as well as dangers from the sides and the rear.

The car is still built on the CMF-B platform that many of the Renault and Nissan models are based on.

Popular models that also employ this chassis include the Nissan Juke and the 2022 Renault Captur.

Aside from the electrification of the model you can still find traditional fuel-driven engines inside the 2022 Clio.

Customers can still opt for petrol and diesel engines mated to both manual or automatic gearboxes.