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Ford Expedition Owner's Manual

Ford Expedition Image

About The Ford Expedition

The full-size SUV Ford Expedition is the successor to the Ford Bronco range as a sporty off-roader, replacing it in 1996.

Ford decided to make it a 4 door compared to the traditional 2 door Bronco look that the model was best known for.

Underneath, the platform and body are very similar to the F-150 pickup truck with many parts shared among the 2 cars.

For a more luxurious version though you can find the exact same car being sold by Lincoln which they called the “Navigator”.

Also, the first and second generations of the Expedition offered up to 9 seats for passengers across 3 rows turning it into an off-road capable minivan.

Then the third generation cut that back slightly to having an 8 passenger limit but mechanically the car was far superior with many additional comfort features.

Later generations added many fuel-saving options such as a 10-speed automatic gearbox and lower displacement fuel-efficient engines.

When ordering the Ford Expedition new you can choose from one of the 7 trims available such as:

  • Eddie Bauer
  • King Ranch
  • Limited
  • Platinum
  • XL
  • XLS
  • XLT