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Originally “Land Rover” was a name for a utilitarian model created by British automaker Rover in 1948. Eventually, the company was spun-off into its own brand and nowadays focuses on premium models and SUVs. You can find the owner’s manuals for the modern lines and years on this site listed below.

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The Defender was the original Land Rover model that spawned the company. It wasn't until 1990 that the name "Defender" was actually used on this line for the utilitarian Jeep-inspired workhorse turned luxury SUV


The Discovery has morphed from a utilitarian offroad-capable family car to the premium semi-offroader it is today. Modern examples of it still offer fantastic offroad performance but with a sleek design and plenty of comfort features

Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the replacement model for the Freelander that entered production in 2014. It employs a unibody design and acts as a more affordable version of the Discovery with slightly less offroad capability


The Freelander was the first unibody model created by Land Rover. The first models were produced in 1997 and by 2015 the line was replaced by the Discovery Sport due to the lines bad image from reliability problems

Range Rover

The Range Rover is the larger spin-off from the original Land Rover model created by Rover in 1970. It has morphed from a boxy utilitarian 4x4 into a luxury SUV that offers some of the most cutting-edge technologies on the market

Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV that was built using a Ford platform and then used the Discovery Sport one in the second generation. It is now offered with various engines with plug-in hybrid as an option

Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is the sporty spin-off from the long-established offroad name. It is built using the Discovery platform but with a much more premium offering and the engines from sportier models such as the Jaguar F-Type

Range Rover Velar

In 2017 Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Velar, a sporty model that features a low driving position. It shares a platform with several Jaguar lines and can be fitted with a wide variety of engines

About Land Rover

The first Land Rover model was inspired by the original Jeep, a model put out by Willys using ex-military designs.

Using military surplus equipment and components from the second world war the company managed to launch this frugal addition to their catalog.

It used surplus aircraft cockpit paint and was only offered in light green.

By 1978 the Land Rover name was spun-off into its own company after its success with the upmarket luxury Range Rover model.

In 1994 BMW acquired Rover as well as the brands it also owned, this included the Land Rover name.

BMW would then go on to release the second-generation Range Rover followed by the more affordable Freelander later in the 1990s.

As the new Millenium came in the brand changed hands again, this time to Ford who launched the first Discovery line – using an integrated-boy-frame design to reduce weight.

By 2008 Ford had sold the Land Rover and Jaguar brands to Indian firm Tata Motors who paired the two up to share resources.

Now the company focuses on marketing mainly high-end models such as the Range Rover Sport and entry-level models such as the Range Rover Evoque.

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