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2014 Volkswagen Golf Owner’s Manual

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2014 Golf

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The 2014 Volkswagen Golf is part of the last model year for North American car buyers.

In Europe, the market was already a year into the seventh-generation Golf by this point.

The American 2014 sixth-generation model was essentially a reskin of the previous version but with tweaks done to the chassis.

Inside of the USA version was a better quality interior to respond to the criticisms felt by many customers and publications.

For Europeans, the 2014 Golf was a shiny new MK7 model that was now built on a new platform called MQB.

This MQB platform was at work under more models than the previous A5 used in the 2013 model such as:

Customers noticed right away that this new car was significantly wider and longer, leading to an improved amount of legroom inside.

A new body style was available, a Golf van - which only survived for a short period and was offered only in Ireland and to commercial customers.

Early 2014 also saw the introduction of the first all-electric version of the car called the e-Golf.

This electric version of the car could run between 130km and 180km on a single charge.

American customers could get their hands on the electric version of the Golf in late-2014, although some tweaks were done to the model by that time.

VW had already removed the liquid-cooling system from the batteries after tests found it wasn't needed, most likely in order to reduce costs.