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2020 BMW X3 Owner’s Manual

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2020 X3

BMW X3 Photo
  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Model: X3

With the success of the X5 line several years previously the German automaker decided to create a smaller version and called it the BMW X3.

It acted as an entry-level into the company's crossover SUV range and is built on the chassis used underneath the 3-Series.

Obviously, it isn't going to perform well off-road using a road-going car chassis but as many SUV owners rarely use that feature it was discarded.

This led to a tall SUV-like vehicle with loads of room inside that didn't come with the usual burden of a heavy platform and so was less expensive to run.

Like the X5, people went crazy and sales were immediately fantastic for the compact crossover SUV X3 - even now sales are pushing to new heights every year.

This 2020 version of the car is part of the third-generation that was brought in during the 2018 model year.

Major changes included a plug-in hybrid option and the driver-aids previously featured in the 5-Series including the sDrive intelligent four-wheel-drive as an option.

For a deep explanation of all these new features, you can refer to the official PDF version of the manual included on this page.

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