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The Honda Civic started its life way back in 1972 when it was first released as a subcompact class of car.

Over the decades the car has grown in size and power to enter the compact car category and is available in many different setups, from a 2 door fastback through to a 4 door sedan.

The most recent generation of design (10th, released in 2015) has seen the Civic grow to be more like a small mid-size family car.

The original car had a transverse engine arranged driving the front wheels much like the British Mini that was popular at the time.

Over the years the Honda Civic was adapted to many different markets and had a deep pedigree in motor-sport with many special edition sport models released.

The car has also been used a platform for other models such as the CRX, Prelude, Concerto and CR-V.

The coupe and hatchback body style has proved to be the most successful in Western markets making an ideal first car for young drivers and a sensible run around for elderly ones.

A hybrid option was introduced by Honda in the year 2000 for the 1.3 litre engine model and then each generation since has pushed the hybrid option harder among more of its trims.

The sports models (Type R, GTi, SiR and VTi) that Honda released prove successful, offering sports car like performance for those on a budget.

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