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The Citroën automobile manufacturing company was first formed back in 1919 by André Citroën. It went on to produce some of the best-known models of cars in the world including the famous 2CV. You can find the owner’s manuals for the modern cars on this page, choose the model and then the required year on the next page.

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This C1 is classed as a city car and is built in the same factory as the near-identical Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108. Although the car is extremely small it still manages to get a good safety rating with the Euro NCAP agency


To replace the Saxo, Citroën introduced the C3. It boasted modern features not seen on other superminis including paddle-shift gears and start/stop technology to reduce emissions. This model also spawned a crossover SUV called the C3 Aircross

C3 Aircross

This C3 Aircross model is the one that is sold around the world outside of Brazil, a crossover SUV based on the same platform as the Opel Crossland X and Peugeot 2008

C4 Cactus

This C4 Cactus is classed as a subcompact crossover SUV and is only available as a 5-door. Production started in 2014 and by 2018 the model had already received a face-lift bringing driving-aids such as emergency brake assist

C4 Picasso

The C4 Picasso is the MPV version of the C4 compact car, essentially adding a taller body to the chassis. Sales are helped by the high safety rating the car has been awarded, improved by the modern built-in driver-aids

Citroen DS3

The DS3 is a supermini that kicked off the DS branding from the French automaker. It would eventually be spun off into the DS brand until it was replaced by a crossover version in 2019 called the DS3 Crossback

Citroen DS 3 Crossback

The DS 3 Crossback is the subcompact crossover SUV replacement for the standard DS 3 subcompact car. It uses much of the same mechanics but boasts an SUV-like body on top with an abundance of space and features fitted

Citroen DS4

The DS4 was spun off into the DS luxury brand in 2015 after being marketed under Citroen for 5 years. The original DS4 was based on the C4 platform. In 2021 a second-generation version was introduced after a 3-year hiatus marketed as the DS 4

Citroen DS5

Between 2011 and 2018 the DS5 was produced under the Citroen brand and then the luxury DS sub-brand. It was a compact executive hatchback that had a shooting-brake style of body and a rare diesel-hybrid engine option

About Citroën

Citroën’s founder decided that he needed to produce a low-cost and lightweight car that could be produced in volume and sold to the masses.

Several months after the first World War had ended production of the Type A had begun, the first Citroën line.

Within that year André almost closed a deal with General Motors for them to take control of his new automobile company but the deal collapsed at the last moment.

Just two years later the second model was released by the company, the Type B2 featured more seating and was much larger.

The 1920s also saw the French automaker start producing military vehicles and even sold some examples of these to the US military.

Citroën cars were developing a name for themselves worldwide for being reliable and cheaply priced thanks to publicity stunts organized by the company’s founder.

Eventually, General Motors took control of the company in 1935 and ever since they have been producing cars closely with the Peugeot brand.

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