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The roots of the Peugeot company can be traced way back to 1810 when a family-run business trading under that name was formed. Originally the company manufactured and sold coffee mills and bicycles. It didn’t make its move into powered vehicles until 1889 when family member Armand Peugeot released a steam-powered tricycle. For the modern models produced by the company you can find PDF versions of the official owner’s manuals on this page.

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The 107 replaced the 106, a very similar model but with slightly updated visuals. Both cars were part of a joint project to create a city car with both Toyota (the Aygo) and Citroen (the C1) being manufactured alongside each other


Classed as a city car due to its tiny package, the 108 first came onto the market in the 2014 model year. It is manufactured in the same plant as the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 and is almost 100% exactly the same car


Classed as a subcompact crossover SUV, the Peugeot 2008 is the company's smallest SUV they have ever made. Original models were built using the Citroen C3 Picasso platform but later moved onto the Opel Mokka chassis


The 206 was the replacement for the 205 supermini, a line that helped save the flailing French automaker during the 1980s and 1990s. It was then replaced by the 207 in the late 2000s but continued being produced for many years after


The 207 was the automaker's replacement for the 206 in 2006 - carrying on until 2014 when it was replaced by the 208. It sat on the same platform as many other models including the Citroen C2 and the C3


Classed as a supermini, the 208 took over from the older 207 line in 2012. These newer models featured improved technology and thanks to smarter materials were much lighter. Inside you can find a modern touchscreen infotainment system in the dashboard


First introduced in 2009, the Peugeot 3008 has steadily increased in sales each year ever since thanks to its 5/5 safety score. It is classed as a compact crossover SUV and took over from the old 4007 and 4008 models before it. [...]


Sat in the compact car segment, the 301 replaced the 206 and 207 lines in the year 2012. It shares its platform with many other models including the Citroen C3 and the Peugeot 307


Taking over from the 306, the 307 was launched in 2001 as the French automaker's new compact car line. It was offered in a variety of body styles including a SW crossover SUV and a CC that boasted an electronically-retracting roof


The Peugeot 308 replaced the 307 line in 2001. It's a compact car or small family car with an optional convertible version that came onto sale in 2009. A futuristic all-digital cockpit was added to the car as standard in 2020


The 407 was a versatile large family car that could be bought as a saloon, estate or coupe. It was produced for just 8 years, beginning in 2003. A wide range of engine sizes included both petrol and diesel options


Replacing the 807 people carrier in 2009 was the 5008 model. This new line wasn't a people carrier/MPV and was instead a crossover SUV to better suit the publics changing taste in cars. It boasts 3-rows of seating that can be folded down


Replacing the 407 and the 607 as the company's new executive mid-size car (or large family car) is the 508. It has so far gone through two generations of design and now shares its platform with popular models such as the Opel Astra and C4 Picasso


The 807 replaced the 806 as the French motoring brand's new large MPV model, sold up until 2014. It shared its platform with several other vans sold across Europe such as the Citroen C6 and the Fiat Ulysse


On the Peugeot Bipper (incl. Tepee) owner's manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.

Expert Tepee

The Expert Tepee is a large van sold by Peugeot that is also marketed as the Citroen Humpy. It is offered with several engine choices and can also be powered by hydrogen or fitted with an electric drivetrain


The Partner is a multipurpose van that can be adapted to become a passenger-carrying vehicle and is popular with wheelchair users due to its abundance of space. It is also sold as the Citroen Berlingo


The Traveller is a multipurpose van that is also marketed as the Citroen Jumpy. You can order the van with a gasoline or diesel-powered engine and it is available in one of two wheelbase lengths

About Peugeot

A year later the company started selling an in-house produced car with an internal combustion engine provided by Panhard-Daimler.

As the family fell out with each other Armand branched off and launched the Société des Automobiles Peugeot company to focus on automobiles which have become the Peugeot we know today.

During World War 1 the company switched to producing military equipment.

Over the years the company has become a household name thanks to mass-producing affordable cars and their pedigree in Motorsport. You can find the Peugeot brand involved with the WRC, Dakar and Le Man 24 Hours at different times in history.

It is currently part of the PSA group and is in alliance with Citroen, Chrysler and General Motors in an attempt to share technology and reduce costs.

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